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Who is jon lajoie dating

Particularly excellent are Nick Kroll as Ruxin, the amoral corporate litigator whose occasional childlike grins and impromptu song-and-dance numbers warm the heart; Paul Scheer as Andre, a sweet, dorky, fad-following plastic surgeon who’s the perpetual butt of the group’s jokes; and the wonderfully rubber-faced Stephen Rannazzisi as Kevin, the husband and father who’s the heart of the show, mostly because he is the only member of the league with any semblance of a moral compass.

The congeniality of the cast leads to frequent moments of cognitive dissonance when you step back and realize how horrible their characters are.

Mumblecore is a terrible, misleading name for an awesome independent genre of film: It’s basically improvised high concept films, and Mark and his brother, Jay, are kind of the Kings of Mumblecore (along with Lynn Shelton, who is like The Queen). Katie Aselton is a Former Beauty Queen: Aselton is actually from my neck of the woods (Maine), and in 1995, she was Miss Teen Maine, as well as first runner up in Miss Teen America. I have mixed feeling about Kroll, however, for two reasons: 1) He stole Joshua Malina’s role in the television world and I love Joshua Malina and 2) because Nick Kroll starred in seriously one of the worst sitcoms of the last decade, “Cavemen,” which was based on those annoying Geico commercials. Jeff Schaffer: There’s a reason that “The League” is so similar in structure to “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The creator, Jeff Schaffer, was also a writer/producer/director on “Curb,” as well as “Seinfeld.” He also wrote the screenplay for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat (which “Seinfeld” producer/writer Larry Charles directed), as well as the screenplays for Eurotrip and, of all things, The Cat in the Hat 6.

She also attended Boston University, which is where I went to law school, but we never crossed paths, even though we were there around the same time. Mark Duplass: The Film Star: Most people know Duplass from “The League,” but in the indie film world, he’s kind of a big deal. Last year, he and his brother wrote and directed a movie called Cyrus, which starred Jonah Hill as a guy who had kind of a sexual obsession with his Mom, played by Marisa Tomei. But, my favorite Duplass film is Humpday, in which he stars with Joshua Leonard — that guy from Blair Witch Project — as two straight best friends who decide, on a dare, to make a gay porn film together. Paul Scheer: Many of you probably knew Paul Scheer before “The League” as a member of the sketch comedy troupe “The Upright Citizens Brigade,” as well as his role as a creator/writer/star of “The Human Giant,” and as a writer of a couple of episodes of the brilliant Adult Swim series, “Children’s Hospital.” But, did you know that he’s also a regular on the children’s show, “Yo Gabba Gabba”?

Exhibit A is the fact that the all-white, almost-all-male league named its yearly trophy “the Shiva,” after a dorky Indian-American woman they knew and made fun of in high school.

The woman’s high-school yearbook photo adorns the cup, and the lads often chant or yell her full name—Shivakamini Somakandarkram—at moments of peak anger or joy.

It’s like an ensemble version of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that just happens to revolve around a fantasy football league, though the premise is tertiary to the actual shenanigans.

The two have been garnering tons of buzz, gathering a legion of fans, and recently scored their own HBO show. The love they are getting is totally baffling to me. I grew up wearing out my parents’ old Tom Lehrer LPs and listening to Monty Python songs on cassette tape.When I was first dating my current lady, I threw on some Flight of the Conchords and was all, “Isn’t this hilarious??Hahaha, let’s make out.” It worked and I’m forever grateful.What’s more, their little self-deprecating, ironic tactic of naming themselves after “two famous second bananas” is irksome on a deeper level. If they could, their comedy music would be a whole hell of a lot better. I think the musical efforts of Trey Parker and Matt Stone are nothing short of brilliant.“Oh, tee hee, we aren’t super talented, we’re just little old Garfunkel and Oates.” Let me tell you something. I flipped out when Tenacious D dropped their first album and made everyone I knew listen to it.

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They’re is some kind of pansy 8-person league where everybody’s team is stacked with studs, and it’s a snake draft. Anyway, it’s an awesome show, which has featured guests appearances this season alone from Jeff Goldblum, Sarah Silverman, and Seth Rogen.