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Validating xml data with xmlreader

Therefore, the method Read() is used to navigate through the document in a sequential way obtaining its different nodes.Open( Character Read() This method is used to obtain in a sequential way the different nodes of the open file. If a node is read, the value returned is greater than zero; otherwise it is zero.

Because Xml Import Service runs as a Windows service, you can configure it to start automatically even if a user is not logged into the system.The basic idea is this: There is a Read() method that behaves like a cursor moving forward through the file one node at a time.Using some properties, such as Name and Value, it is possible to obtain the nodes data -in this case, its name and value.Read Type( [, Name Constraint]) As in the method Read(), this method moves forward to next node but only if the indicated constraints are fulfilled.It returns a whole value greater than zero if a node was read; otherwise it returns zero.

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Understanding how Java Script and XML work together is a preview of the direction of the W3C DOM and the future of Java Script.

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