Dating rich and lonely women for

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Dating rich and lonely women for

The aspiring woman not only supports him in all pursuits, but also adds value and adventure to his life.

They just don't have the time to go out on a regular basis hoping that one day they'll find Mr or Mrs Right.

His affluent lifestyle calls for a confident woman with intelligence and charm.

As a man of self-made success, he wants the best return on his investment in business and in love.

It has been bringing together successful singles for over 15 years! "Millionaire highlights the 'millionaires' in its listings" by Wall Street Journal.

So far, it has over 3,000,000 members, include CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, beauty queens, fitness models, Hollywood celebrities.

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She's more than just a pretty face: she’s confident, charismatic, and also intelligent.