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' " He laughs again, in the same self-conscious way."It's a contradiction, to have faith and be afraid of dying. Those are the things that I sit and pray about while I'm freaking out."When it comes to contradiction, the slender, dapper Flowers is a bundle all of his own, making him one pop's most fascinating frontmen.There’s a big age gap between me and my eldest sister so I had nieces and nephews by the time I was around five years old, which I loved, and being a dad myself always seemed inevitable. Tana and I will be driving home from a movie or something and we’ll say, ‘What if we were going home to nothing?’ Having a family is so fulfilling and there’s so much more joy when you have children in your life."I had to go see a shrink." The treatment was inspired by a fear of flying, an inconvenient phobia for a hugely ambitious rock star on a mission to conquer the world with the Killers."The psychiatrist brought up my religious beliefs and I told him that death isn't the end," continues Flowers, a Mormon."We talked about how I flew better with my wife next to me, and he says, 'Is that because you're bringing her to die with you?

As a producer, when you want to put your mark on something, it’s hard when the demos already sound fully realized.Flowers spoke to TIME from London, where he was preparing for a tour that will take him throughout Europe and the U. Brandon Flowers: Really similar circumstances to the first.When the Killers go on tour, it’s a very full schedule and it takes up the better part of a year.And yet: “Maybe there will be some new fire that gets lit and could be the last solo record. "I'm going through some shifts," he says softly, with a nervous laugh.

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It's a contradiction if you're living the right way, I'll throw that in there."More laughter, implying that Flowers might be struggling with the demands of his rather strict religion and the temptations of stardom. Hesitant, soft-spoken and physically awkward, he is a shy man with big ambitions.