Blogger blog list not updating bear dating

Posted by / 18-Dec-2017 22:44

Blogger blog list not updating

I’m using feedburner from day one and at times I get this issue when Feedburner stop showing the latest posts in feeds.One tip which I would like to give to anyone is: Always subscribe to your own feeds and blog Email newsletter, so that you can keep an eye on your Blog updates and if something goes wrong with the feeds, you can quickly get hold of it.These are the some of the benefits of reconsidering old blog posts.

If there is any error in your feed, you will see the warnings and issues highlighted in Yellow.

Your Google profile, including your name and profile photo, will show up publicly as a follower of a blog when you use the Followers gadget. To follow a blog anonymously, follow it from the Blogger dashboard or the Settings menu.

Optimizing older blog posts matters a lot when you want to prevent your blog from being the victim of Google panda update.

Here at Shout Me Loud, I use the combination of Aweber Feedburner for sharing latest posts with my readers.

Feedburner will let your readers to subscribe for your blog updates via RSS Feeds or Emails and one of the best free product out there.

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